Aftermarket parts are increasingly being hailed as potentially superior parts by some car enthusiasts. –the balance

Aftermarket car parts and accessories are also sometimes referred to as generic parts, non-OEM parts, or competitive replacement parts.

They are increasingly accepted by the auto world as a reputable and reliable alternative to factory manufactured parts. Aftermarket parts can be used for upgrades, customization, and repairs. Sometimes after a car accident, it’s usually cheaper with insurance to use aftermarket parts to fix damaged parts of your vehicle.

Why aftermarket car parts and accessories?

Aftermarket car parts and accessories are cheaper than factory parts. It’s as simple as that.

You can find quality brand name parts that are identical to those offered by big-name dealerships, but for a fraction of the price. Not are aftermarket parts cheaper, they have more options.

Without having to worry about the legalese of warranty restrictions and company rules, aftermarket products give you the flexibility to upgrade your vehicle however you see fit. Whether you want a particular look for your car or want to make practical improvements, aftermarket products can be found to suit your needs. They are also an affordable way to fix your car after it’s been damaged.

There is a risk of violating your car’s warranty by using aftermarket products instead of factory accessories from the car company. Know your policy and talk to your dealership or independent consultant to get more information.

Types of Parts

Think of all of the options you have to customize your car when buying it from a dealership. Now increase that exponentially and you have the variety of parts available in aftermarket accessories.

This doesn’t just include practical upgrades like speed brakes or a high-class air intake system. There are also so many ways you can customize and stylize the look of your vehicle from chrome details to new wheel rims or LED headlights.

Your car can either express your personality through the addition of aftermarket accessories, or it can be upgraded for performance reasons like off-road adventures.

Common aftermarkets car parts and accessories include, but are not limited to, custom seats and covers, air intake systems, suspension, shock, and lowering systems, engine upgrades, chrome details, tire and rim upgrades, and customized grilles, bumpers, fenders, and more!

Notable Brands

There seem to be endless possibilities with aftermarket parts.

When shopping for upgrade parts and accessories for your car, don’t just look for cheaper prices. Look for reliable and quality brands that will only improve your car and not harm it. You don’t want to spend your money in new led headlights or a new suspension system only to have it break down or fall apart a few months later.

There are a lot of really great aftermarket brands out there that provide a large range of products to help improve your car.

Some of the top customer-rated aftermarket brands are Bosch, Bilstein, ACDelco, EBC, KONI, Motorcraft, Flow Tech, Weathertech, Carquest, Dynomax, Corsa, Glowshift, CalTrend, and Spectra Premium.

Find a Partner

When you’re in the market for a new auto parts distributor, there are three things to look for in a high performance auto parts wholesale supplier:

  1. An expert who can help you get exactly what you want out of an aftermarket, high-performance part
  2. Keeping the prices lower for specialty parts (independent dealer / supplier)
  3. Knowing the first name of the owner (find someone you can trust)



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