Finding auto parts wholesale distributors can be a painful process.

If you’re a auto parts retailer or repair shop, then it makes sense to buy your most commonly sold parts wholesale, but should you use one for specialty parts too?

Wholesale vs Retail Difference

Buying auto parts wholesale is a good idea if you have a high demand for a certain type of project. Buying wholesale simply means buying in bulk, at a discounted unit price, while buying retail means buying in smaller quantities (usually individually) at a higher unit price.

The typical market for a wholesale distributor is other businesses, specifically retail businesses. In the case of auto parts wholesale distributors like Blue Ridge Exhaust, we sell auto parts in bulk to auto repair shops and retail stores (wholesale), and then they turn around and sell the parts individually directly to customers (retail).

As with all businesses, there is always a profit involved, so retailers raise the price point, resulting in higher unit prices per part. Additionally, the volume of product shipped in wholesale transactions is very large compared to the volume of product sold in retail.

Reasons to Buy Wholesale

So why buy wholesale? If you are looking for lower unit prices on products which you will need again and again, then wholesale is the way to go. You buy your staple products (products you sell daily) wholesale, so why not buy specialty parts wholesale as well?

If you’re an auto parts dealer or auto body repair shop, then you need access to high quality auto parts often. Buying parts individually is not a viable economic option for you, however. Thankfully, auto parts are not produce, meaning they have a long shelf life.

Even for those parts which you don’t sell very often, wholesale is a great option. Keep those high performance parts in stock, and benefit from the lower unit prices of wholesale goods.

When it comes to wholesale distributors, it is in your best interest to work with an independent wholesale distributor. Independent distributors serve a local region, and have the best knowledge concerning distribution of goods to that particular location. And further, with a smaller, more localized distributor, you have the better customer service that accompanies it – you get to deal with real people, like an owner, not just a large corporation.

Find a Partner

When you’re in the market for auto parts wholesale distributors, there are three things to look for:

  1. A reliable company which can help you get exactly what you want when you need it
  2. An independent wholesaler who knows his distribution area well
  3. You know the owner by his or her first name

Here at Blue Ridge Exhaust, we fit all three criteria. Contact us to speak to an experienced auto parts wholesale distributor for all of your auto parts needs.

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