When it comes to high performance needs, there is simply no substitute for a high performance auto parts wholesale supplier.

As an expert in the field, he can easily take your specific make and model and find you an aftermarket part which fits your needs and wants exactly.

Why High Performance Parts?

Original Equipment Manufacturer parts (OEM) are any parts that are originally included in the make and model of your car. For instance, Ford uses Bosch fuel injectors in its cars, which makes these Bosch fuel injectors OEM parts for Ford. Any parts which are not originally used in the car are called “aftermarket” parts.

An important thing to realize when debating whether or not to buy OEM or aftermarket parts is that all OEM parts are designed for the average driver, driving under average conditions. If you have plans to be doing something other than average driving, then OEM parts are not for you.

Anything outside the bounds of normal driving probably requires a specialty high performance aftermarket part.

Let’s look at the pros and cons of high performance auto parts:


High performance exhaust parts can yield a boost of power in your engine by more efficiently allowing exhaust gases to escape, letting you drive faster and haul more.

Both individual high performance parts and entire high performance exhaust systems are sold, so that, depending on your budget, you can maximize your power, or simply augment it. You can replace just your catalytic converter or x and y pipes, or go right for a full system replacement with a Flowmasters exhaust system.


One major drawback to high performance parts is that it not always easy to find someone who knows how to install it. While there are specific instructions for OEM parts, and entire books and manuals that make replacing a standard part easy for even an amateur, high performance parts are unique, and installing them onto your specific make and model is not always easy.

Additionally, depending on the part, the price tag is another drawback to high performance auto parts (this high performance vehicle, for instance, is not cheap). However, the power boost to your vehicle, as well as the sound of a loud rumbling coming from your car can make the price worth it.

Average Cost Difference

Why should I buy wholesale?

The average markup from wholesale to retail price is around 50%. Depending on whether or not you are a chain store with a large distributor line, or a small-town shop with only one distributor can greatly affect your markup price.

But what about the distributors?

Buying high performance auto parts from a large distributor chain removes the expertise from the equation. Having a smaller distributor (as with other local companies) with experts working for them ensures that your needs as a supplier are taken care of and that your high performance needs will be taken care of by a real person.

Find a Partner

When you’re in the market for a new auto parts distributor, there are three things to look for in a high performance auto parts wholesale supplier:

  1. Expert who can help you get exactly what you want out of an aftermarket high performance part
  2. Keep the prices lower for specialty parts (independent dealer / supplier)
  3. You know the first name of the owner

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