Universal Catalytic Converters

Blue Ridge offers universal catalytic converters which cover wide vehicle uses and applications. Heavier gauged steel that lessens distortion and expansion should converter gets hot. Our models are extremely durable, and ready for professional or self-installation in any vehicle. Maximize engine and exhaust performance by grabbing one our universal catalytic converters.

Universal Catalytic Converters

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Heavy Load Catalytic Converters

Unlike many stock catalytic converters, our heavy load converters are designed to solve fuel efficiency and engine performance issues. Unique one-piece designs help these converters last longer and provide more power than older versions. If your vehicle is stuttering or burning gas much faster than normal, look into our heavy load catalytic converters to solve these problems.

Heavy Load Catalytic Converters

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Stainless Steel Catalytic Converters

Meet or exceed EPA standards by installing Blue Ridge stainless steel catalytic converters on all vehicles that need more efficient operation. Internal substrate materials ensure quality that exceeds expectations, keeping engine lights off where others fail. Check with Blue Ridge to see if our converters will help you pass California emissions standards.


Stainless Steel Catalytic Converters

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We Know Converters


At Blue Ridge Exhaust we offer the best quality for the best price in exhaust system catalytic converters to keep your admissions in check and your vehicle running smoothly.

We offer universal catalytic converters, heavy load catalytic converters, and stainless steel catalytic converters. Our one piece polished stainless steel converters will fit in tight applications while still looking good.

Best Quality, Best Price


Blue Ridge Exhaust sells high performance parts and converter mufflers at the best quality for the best price. We have been serving the Blue Ridge with exceptional customer service and a high value placed on customer relationships for the past 26 years. We know Exhaust Parts.

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