Steel Exhaust Tips

Specialty Steel Tips

After designing your custom exhaust system, finish things off with customized tips ranging between 1.5” to 6”. From diesel trucks to small tuner cars, Blue Ridge has numerous sizes and styles for any exhaust application. Why limit options? Check out many colors and styles of specialty steel tips available for immediate shipment.

Specialty Steel Tips

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Specialty Steel Tips (Continued)

You’ll find a massive inventory online at Blue Ridge, with many single and dual exhaust tips available from today’s most highly regarded manufacturers. Even regular passenger cars can rock these tips to spiff up their appearance. A perfect fit every time, buy your specialty steel tips from experts who know exhausts.

Specialty and Diesel Steel Tips

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Diesel Steel Tips

Diesel vehicles, too, need specialized tips to both look impressive and gain performance. Our selection of modernized diesel steel tips helps increase exhaust life, look spectacular on big trucks (even semis) and outperform older models. Get the look and feel your diesel monster needs by shopping our selection of diesel tips today.

Specialty and Diesel Steel Tips

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Polished Stainless Steel Tips

Since only tips get noticed on exhaust systems, why not get the sharpest look possible? From intercooled stainless steel to flashy tips that show your truck or car’s personality, Blue Ridge stocks the finest polished stainless steel tips around. Superior quality and affordable prices are what our stainless steel offers auto enthusiasts.


Polished Stainless Steel Tips

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We Know Steel Tips


To finish off your custom exhausts we offer a full line of custom exhaust tips. We supply sizes ranging from a 1 ½” pencil tip up to a 6” angle cut for your diesel truck. We have dozens of styles and sizes in stock ready to suit your needs.

Best Quality, Best Price


Blue Ridge Exhaust sells high performance parts and converter mufflers at the best quality for the best price. We have been serving the Blue Ridge with exceptional customer service and a high value placed on customer relationships for the past 26 years. We know Exhaust Parts.

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