X and Y Pipes

X and Y Pipes

High performance X and Y crossovers are designed for dual exhaust systems needed boosted airflow to maximize racing performance. Gains in sound, better appearance and longer lasting exhaust systems are benefits of installing these. Blue Ridge offers a massive selection of X Y pipes in different diameters to meet most vehicle specs.


X and Y Pipes

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We Know X and Y Pipes


We sell a full range of high quality after-market mufflers. We offer a variety of mufflers from high performance to budget friendly. Some of our brands include Flowmaster, Thunderbolt, and Jones. We stock aluminized steel and stainless steel mufflers for car and truck applications.

We supply a variety of common sizes and are able to special order to your needs. We can provide race mufflers for maximum performance while minimizing backpressure and HP loss. We will provide you with factory fit parts or universal fit parts in order to customize your sound.

Best Quality, Best Price


Blue Ridge Exhaust sells high performance parts and converter mufflers at the best quality for the best price. We have been serving the Blue Ridge with exceptional customer service and a high value placed on customer relationships for the past 26 years. We know Exhaust Parts.

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